Hotel Argentina

“Food from the heart, inspired by memories”

Hotel Argentina is a modern Argentinian family style bar, grill and wine cellar in the heart of Williamstown.
Led by Argentinian born and raised chef Dan Szwarc, Hotel Argentina is inspired by the tastes, the smells,
the celebrations and traditions of his childhood.

Growing up in Argentina, almost any time we were together as a family it just organically,
automatically, turned into a feast; lots of dishes to share, lots of conversation and, for me,
lots of happy memories. That’s the feeling I want our guests to have at Hotel Argentina.
It’s food from the heart.


Our main restaurant, Areco, embraces the flavours of Argentina in a light and fresh menu designed
to complement our port location, with a focus on the grill, seafood, meat and salads. The menu opens with a wonderful long list
of picadas (sharing plates) to choose from before moving to vegetales + ensaladas (vegetables + salads).
Then, to share – or not – the parrilla, plancha + espiedo (grill, flat grill + rotisserie) with deliciously tasty dishes hot off the fire.

And upstairs, Friday – Sunday, 12noon till close, find a little gold at Dan’s Empanada Bar. Empanadas,
those golden, hot, flaky crescents packed with flavour, are, of course, second nature to Dan,
growing up in the empanada capital of the world, and draw from his family’s recipes and traditions.